Don’t Call it a Come Back

How to keep the thought process organized here? Hmmm, where to begin? I guess start in the macro, work down into the micro comings and goings.

Macro – Well it is official. Bright Ideas Custom Tattoo and Art Collective is moving to Murfreesboro. Papers are signed, utilities turned over, and keys have exchanged hands. Gods willing we will be tattooing out of the new location by months end.

Where the magic is going to happen

Where, o’ where is this mythical spot? For those familiar with Murfreesboro we are taking over the old Video Culture location. For those unfamiliar, the address is 2321 E Main St Murfreesboro TN.

Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood, you may catch us pretending like we know what we’re doing with a hammer and drill.

I continue the work aggressively at completing a series of illustrations tentatively dubbed the Rose Collection. They’re traditional tattoo inspired images with my personal take on mythology, history, and tattoo culture. The plan is to have limited edition prints, hand numbered and signed made. Interested parties get in touch if you want to tentatively reserve anything.

I am also looking into t-shirt, sticker (everyone loves stickers), postcards, and maybe even button pins or patches for sale by the beginning of the year. So stand by for the full onslaught of Ryan R Speed designs (Please insert the tone of self mockery, I really try not to take myself too damn seriously). If anyone out there knows where to get quality merchandise made, let me know.

Projects closer to completion? There are a couple. Laura’s Mermaid / Butterfly piece is just about done, I think one final sitting to smooth out a few tones and we will be there. This has been extremely enjoyable and hopefully I’ll talk her into another new project.

My “Traditional” sleeve has taken root and it is well on its way. I’m really happy with how the old school is blending with a more modern style of color and shade. It’s a great example of how when we push ourselves out of a comfort zone we can create some really cool things.